Skills: Book Design, Branding, Illustration, Interactive, Logo Design, Print Design
  • innovation proposal

Team Kioro

Working within an interdisciplinary team of 5 different majors (Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering, Business and Sustainability), our task was to create a product that would enhance creative collaboration in work or educational environments. After a semester of research and the proposal of 3 different concepts, Movens was selected to move forward and focus on in the second semester.


After selecting Movens, the process of refining the brand and establishing brand guidlines was a priority. Designed to be versatile, the visual language of Movens adapts seemlessly over multiple media options such as print, web, APP development and motion graphics.

The interactive promotional handout was designed to visually show a problem, then the solution as the user opens the handout. There are 2 different problem/solution scenarios to address common issues in the 2 main target markets, freelance/start up companies and businesses that already have established working environments.

The layout generator APP will help users experiment with different layouts without physically moving a thing. This will help maximize the environment for different situations.