My name is Brian Stevens. I bring a balanced blend of traditional sketching, Swiss design and urban street art. With this unique mix, I am able to think outside the box and draw on years of personal and professional research, study, and experimentation to deliver innovative collateral. Driven to produce effective solution-based design, I believe it is important to understand the clients needs, identify the core message and address those points from varying perspectives. In doing so, the process guides me toward the best solution. 

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Bachelors of Science in Visual Communication and Graphic Design 

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ

2015, summa cum laude




Insperation is everywhere! It is important to recharge the insperation batteries on a regular basis; to gather new insights about the world we live in and re-inspire ourselves as much as possible. I feel it is also important to put time aside to express ourselves in our own way, experiment with inspiring ideas we have collected on our journeys.